Lantern Festival

Sorry it's been so long. We've had a lot of Korean adventures over the last month or two so it will take me awhile to get caught up. First I'll start with Jon and Dee's visit to Korea! Dan's parents came for two weeks and we made sure they experienced all things Seoul :) After they recovered from jet lag we took them to the Lantern Festival in Insadong which is not far from Hannam Village.

First we found a little park/pagoda with some beautiful flowers. Alex is notorious for being one with nature, so you can only imagine what happened after this picture of him LOOKING at the flowers.

Cade getting ready to make wishes

Here Alex is with a hand full of dirt

Welcome to Korea Jon and Dee! Get ready to walk your feet off :)

And now they're playing in it....

So I decided to put Alex in the stroller because he had done enough damage to the gardens. He asked if he could smell the flowers, so I leaned him forward and what did he do while Dan shot this picture? Ripped the flower out. I got lots of nice glares from the Koreans while we were there.

Then it was time to walk and find the arts and crafts part of the festival near the temple. These children were dressed up in traditional Hanbok and offered us lanterns for 'free'. We ended up with three of them.

Have you ever seen so many lanterns in your life? It was just breathtaking.

This is inside the Buddhist temple in Insadong.

A few sweet pictures of Dee and Jon

Fresh, cold coconut milk anyone?

Now for the arts and crafts. They had a whole street lined with booth after booth offering different crafts. Here's Cade making a candle.

And me attempting origami. Man that was hard! We also made some fans and scored a cool brush drawing. Remind me to post a picture of it.

What a fun start to their vacation!


The Knitting Bea said...

Beautiful! Post a picture of the drawing ;)

Kristina said...

I want to go to there!

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