Time change!

Right now as we're nearing midnight, we are making phone calls to South Korea during their business hours. I bet you can't wait to call us while we're over there!

Speaking of which, we intend to get Skype. If you are someone who wants to keep in touch with us, this is the cheapest and best way! Get yourself a computer, some internet and a webcam and you've got yourself a connection to us!

Fit to go

Today we went and signed our official passports and applied for Visas!!


The appointment to arrange for movers is set. Dan and I will meet with transportation on June 1st to meet with someone about moving household goods, unaccompanied baggage (stuff we'll want upon our arrival in korea) and storage, since we found out Korea is at a 50% weight restriction. So according to rank and size of family we are allowed 9,000 lbs of household goods. Korea allows 50% of that, so 4,500 lbs. :( This may mean the piano won't be coming. We'll see!

A little bit about housing

We have chosen to live on post during our time in Korea. We have been assigned to live in Hannam village, which are high-rise apartments. (no more backyard!) Our floor plan will either look like this:


or this:

I kinda like the last one, but i'm not sure how much say we have in that. I'm sure as soon as one is available we'll be more than happy to move in. We're told that it may take up to 60 days after we arrive in Korea for housing to be available. I hope to make some phone calls over to their housing office soon and see what the current wait times are.

Here are some pictures of Hannam Village.

Pardon the random kid, but they have a pool!

They are said to be renovating the housing in Hannam Village and this is a picture of one of the renovated kitchens.

So that will be our home in September or October. Until then we will be staying at the Dragon Hill lodge.

Our family

Our family

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What time is it in Korea?

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