Big week for Cade

Cade has had two momentous occasions this week.

One- Receiving his red belt in TaeKwonDo (and he's testing for his black belt in May!)

Two- Losing his first tooth!
All of this just before he turns 6 next week. He's really looking forward to having his birthday party on his actual birthday, at the bowling alley with 6 of his friends, Mario themed. Should be fun! Wish me luck on the cake :)

At the bug zoo

This place was cool and crazy all the same time. Picture a hands on pet store inside a subway station. Snakes, bugs, fish, dogs, cats, hampsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, hedgehogs, turtles, and even a skunk! These were all available to touch and pick up! Cats and dogs were just freely roaming.



Crocodile (we weren't allowed to hold this one - phew!)
 Check out this snake!
 Cade is one brave kid

 It was fun to watch the kids interact with the animals. Just look at this precious smile on cade's face while playing with this dog? We must get an animal when we get back to the states!
Tortoise just walking around the room
 Here's the skunk! He had has 'stink glands' removed so it wasn't so scary. I even touched it, because really, when am I going to get another chance to pet a skunk?

Here was a fish tank where the kids could catch these ones....
.... and feed them to the piranhas.  There were a lot of dead fish in that tank due to high volume of kids, including Alex.
Cade with the cutest puppy!
Holding a mouse
Alex trying to catch one. He was a bit rough with the animals, grabbing mice by the tail and then dropping them.

My friend Ruth hanging out with a turtle.
 More snakes!

Alex finally tried the whole snake thing out, but good thing i was standing by because the snake just curled up and fell off his back, and i caught it just in time. That was enough snake handling for me.
This was our Seoul Searchers event for the beginning of the march, and there was no school that day so we ended up with a large group (enough for a discount) and another group of military wives and children showed up at the same time. There must've been 30 people or more! Here we all are getting treated to a special event:  feeding a rat to a snake!
We were told the rat had a brain tumor so it was going to die anyways. There weren't very many places for the rat to hide.
Within seconds the rat ran right in front of the snake and ::SNAP:: it spun around that rat SO fast!
 And just kept wrapping itself around its body.
 After about 15 minutes the rat was still twitching and struggling so we never actually saw it eat the rat, but it was still an interesting experience. The whole crowd shrieked and gasped as it happened.
 And then in true Seoul Searchers form, most of us had packed lunches and we needed a place to eat. What better place than this little bench inside the subway station to cram 12 kids around? And it was COLD! Brrr.. we ate fast and got out of there. I just love how we all congregate and the Koreans stare. Haha...

Another fun adventure in Seoul!! Love it!

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Our family

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