A Hilton Christmas

Today we went to the Hilton Hotel in Seoul solely to see their Christmas decorations and train display!

Here's the boys waiting for their friends to arrive.

Isn't this tree beautiful? And it rotates!

 I think this is Santa's chair!

 Looking at the stars on the ceiling!

Check out the life size gingerbread house! No, it's not real, but still fun to look at. They offered all kinds of treats and ornaments, but it was really expensive.
Now for the train. It was below the Christmas tree and wrapped all the way around the stairs. I was very impressed.

Nativity at the base of the tree

Also displayed was a collection of Santas from all over the World
I didn't want to take a picture of all of them, but here are a few close up. I liked the cowboy Santa
Here's the American Santa. Didn't know it was Uncle Same, did you?
And here's the Korean Santa. He was up kind of high so the picture isn't very good.
It was fun, even though when we were done the kids were like, that's it? That's all we're doing? Sheesh...

Ad nauseam

How to make Jingle Bells last forever:

Jingle all the way

This is a video of Cade's Christmas concert at the Dragon Hill Lodge. By all means do not feel obligated to watch the whole thing, this is mostly meant for Grandparents who would have loved to have been here to watch!


The Body Worlds exhibition has made it to Korea! Since Dan has been working so much he wanted to do something with the boys and this was the perfect outing.

I love this picture of Alex!
You're not allowed to take pictures while in the exhibit, but can you blame Dan for snatching this one?
 The exhibit was inside the Korean War Memorial museum. Outside the memorial are a bunch of old war planes, so the boys had fun looking at them again :)

What a fun day with Daddy!

O Christmas Tree

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We opened our home to the single soldiers in Dan's unit and prepared a large feast.

Here's the bird hanging out in its brine(which turned out SOOOO good!)

 The final spread of dishes, everything was delicious!
 The dessert table
 The guests!

 The kid's table

The kids did a great job at playing in their room and letting us adults chat and play games. Some of the adults even joined in on the kids' adventures chasing monsters and running away from sharks!

 She really does smile, i promise!

Alex was going around kissing all the guests!
After everyone left Cade said he was still hungry, so we told him he could eat anything off of the main dish table that he wanted. He sat and picked at the turkey for another 30 minutes! If you know Cade at all you know this is a big deal. I don't think he's eaten any of our Thanksgiving dinners in the past 5 years.

I think we all had a really good time. We played some Apples to Apples and Taboo to help make room for more desserts. We had 13 guests in all plus our family, and we all fit!!

This was also Cade's first year with a Thanksgiving party at school. The class sang songs and hosted a feast of their own. Here's Cade in the turkey shirt I made for him and a video of his class singing.  Happy Holidays everyone!

Our family

Our family

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