Bucket List

Dan and I realized that it's only about 4 months until we leave Korea. Wow. That is going to go fast. So with how much Dan works we knew we needed to start doing some of our 'things to do before we leave Korea' soon, or we'll run out of time. So here is my bucket list, to which Dan may add a few things :)

Korean Folk Village in Suwon
Seoul Land (we had a blast there with the boys so we want to go one more time)
Nami Island (this time without the 3 hour each way drive and torrential downpour, hopefully)
Mt. Seorak
Seodaemun Prison History Museum
Get a painted Kimchi Pot
Damyang Bamboo forest

And of course there are other things like last time eating at Korean restaurants that we love, but these are the adventures I want to have before we leave. Can't wait :)


I haven't posted in awhile because the cold winter has kept us from doing very much, and if we have gone out it has been somewhere that I've already blogged about. More adventures will come, i promise, as things warm up and we start tackling our "Things to do before we leave Korea" bucket list.

But the good news is that we have been permitted to curtial our assignment by 30 days and move in July instead of August! This is GREAT news because we will be able to get in country before the schools start in Colorado, which makes the transition a bit easier for Cade. So as of now our exit date is July 17th, give or take a few days!!! We have a realtor and are beginning to look at houses, and I have to say that I am ecstatic at the thought of having a back yard and some space to let these boys run!!!

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