The appointment to arrange for movers is set. Dan and I will meet with transportation on June 1st to meet with someone about moving household goods, unaccompanied baggage (stuff we'll want upon our arrival in korea) and storage, since we found out Korea is at a 50% weight restriction. So according to rank and size of family we are allowed 9,000 lbs of household goods. Korea allows 50% of that, so 4,500 lbs. :( This may mean the piano won't be coming. We'll see!


Sherrie said...

So exciting! You guys are gonna have a great time.

Katz said...

It's all happening so fast. :(

If you can't take the piano, I'll give it a good home.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! If you can't take the piano, what will you do with yourself while you're there - two years (two years, right?) is a long time without a piano...

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