I've been aching to find a place INDOORS to take the kids to play. Let's face it, the winters are longer here than the were in Virginia Beach, and then at some point it will be TOO hot to play outside and then there's the whole monsoon season thing. So I'm glad we found this place, called TioVivo!

For those here in Korea, it's very easy to get to via Subway. Go to Sindorim station, exit 2. Once you exit you'll see a building close by with a McDonald's on the bottom. Enter that building and take the elevator to the 6th floor and find your way to the Tiovivo entrance. For all of us it was like 29,000 won for 2 hours of play. A little spendy yes, but it was worth it. (oh, and as we were leaving we saw an indoor playground on the 5th floor but we were all funned out for the day)

Reason #1 that we picked TioVivo: Trains. Lots and lots of trains.

Reason #2 why I like Tiovivo so much: Open floor plan so I didn't have to follow my kids around wondering what trouble they might get into. Anywhere they turned there was somewhere fun to play.

Cade loved making different faces on this guy

The different play areas were split by a 'road' and they had lots of little riders for the kids to take around.

Looks like he's taking a bite, doesn't it?

Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots!

Giant ramp in the lego section. The boys loved loved loved this.

Hello legos! I wouldn't want to clean up that place.

Here's the imaginative play area, or as cade said, the girl's place. But they played it in all the same :)

Yes, a wii. In Korean, but still just as fun.

Cade was our cashier at the little grocery store

Now if only he'd eat that much food!

There was a rack of costumes and Alex picked this pirate one. He looked so cute, but i got kind of a blurry shot of him.

Slide into more legos! These were kind of soft, but the boys loved it.

Magenetic shapes

My lego creation

Swimming in legos!

Model train sets behind the glass. This one has the 63 building and the Seoul Tower, two of Cade's favorite things in Seoul.

We had a great time, and even got some McD's on the way home. :)


Kate said...

how fun is that? sure beats the "jumping monkey" on rainy days! that's for sure!
you're boys are too cute! they are getting so big!

The Knitting Bea said...

WOW that place looks ridiculously awesome. I want something like it here, so I'm sending the link to your pictures of this place to my friend who owns a toy store here :) If it were here, I'd be there daily. And Sammy wouldn't have any toys at home, they'd all be there at the indoor playground - that would be enough. *sigh*

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