Birthday Celebration

After a long day at church we had waffles for brinner and mommy did a quick wrapping of presents and frosting of cupcakes. Alex told me he wanted a mickey mouse cake and i stumbled upon some cute Mickey Mouse cupcakes using oreos. They turned out pretty cute and tasty! Birthday song, presents and cake followed suit! Happy Birthday Alex!

Coloring book from Cade

Card from Grandpa Bob & Grandma Corrie

with money inside!

From mom and dad

(he was so focused on the wrapping paper and not the presents!)

From Grandma Kathy

And a last surprise from mom and dad- his little animal that he lost and slept with every night. He was so happy!

Nice cake face


Kierst said...

We did those same cupcakes for Ashton on his birthday and he thought they were the coolest things ever!

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