Fourth of July

I was definitely missing the USA this year when the 4th of July came around. We've almost always had family visiting or been visiting someone else. This year it was so simple that it was a bit anti-climactic. We did our celebration on the 2nd of July (does anyone know why?), which was Saturday. We took the boys to Cars 2, to the little kiddie festival on base, left Dan there with the band and then came back later to hear them play and watch the fireworks. It was a small and quaint celebration, but I still felt very thankful to be a US citizen and enjoy the privileges that come with that. We will have one more 4th of July here and then we'll be talking about our journey back.

Here's a shot of the 8th Army Band (AKA Daddy's band) playing just before the fireworks.

As soon as they finished playing Dan was able to come sit with us and watch the rest of the fireworks. The boys left their chairs and climbed into his lap, it was soooo cute.

I hope you all have a fun and safe holiday, as most of you are at your local holiday celebrations right now. What a blessing it is to be an American.


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