The 5th Season

Korea and other pacific regions are known for a season unlike any I've experienced. Monsoon season. Beginning about the 1st or 2nd week of June the forecast started looking a little bleak. Rain was in the extended forecast for as long as we could tell. Despite a few random days with little showers, we didn't get any relief for almost a month. And I'm talking washes of rain for the whole day, not just sprinkles or showers here and there. Last week it didn't rain at all and we're sure making up for it now. I've tried to find reports that show the amount of rainfall, but I know one day we had at least 13 inches of rain. In the past 16 hours we've received a constant deluge or rain this time accompanied with thunderstorms the whole time! I decided you needed to see the madness firsthand.

These pictures are from my window. Can you tell how hard it's raining? It's been like that for hours and hours. It's 10am and all the street lights are still on.

Sidewalks are flooded (along with the roads, I'm just avoiding them today)

So I finally caved in and bought rain boots because you are soaked within an instant in these rains and it's no fun having wet shoes, socks and bottoms of your pants! And of course an umbrella comes with you everywhere, though yesterday when I was outside my umbrella turned inside out twice b/c it was so windy! Thanks for the memories monsoon season! :D


Erin Bigler said...

We spent our whole first month's "play money" on galoshes and umbrellas for the family. I lived in Central America where they also have a monsoon season, but I swear it was nothing like this.

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