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In Seoul, if you are willing to travel a bit through city traffic, maybe get lost, or brave the subways with your kiddos then you can find some hidden treasures. I don't always have the inclination to do big journeys but we've had a LOT of rain, as you know, and we just need to get out and do something different. My friend Shauna said there was a play place near where she lived and invited us to come play. See, in most department stores in Seoul you can find a little area for kids with different themes. This one was based on Chiro, a Korean kid's TV show.

To get there:

Subway: Gayang Station, exit 9. This is on the 9 line, which meant two transfers for us. For those of you who don't like transferring more than once like me, please note that these transfers were very easy. Some stations require a lot of walking between lines, but from 6 line to 2 line, and 2 line to 9 line, they were very easy.

Driving: I haven't driven but i marked the location on my phone while we were there and it looks like it would be easy to drive to. Get on the Gangbyeon expressway (the 70) towards World Cup Stadium and cross at the Gayang Bridge. Soon after you cross you will turn right towards the department store and there is parking in the basement. Sorry I don't have any more details than that, but I can repost if I drive there.

Here's a map and a picture of the department store.

This particular play area was only 7,000 won per child and adults were free. It opens at 10:30. They have really good food if you want to get lunch or a snack while you're there. (my kids ate korean food for lunch! this is a big deal for them!) The limit is 2 hours, but we were there nearly 3 hours and they didn't kick us out or charge us extra.

Go in the department store and it is on the 7th floor. Once inside, take off your shoes and pick a locker.

Bring them your key and they will issue you a wristband with the number of your locker.

Now your kids are free to play and you are free to sit and watch them play via the monitors at your table. (America, pay attention!)

Also, if you want a drink or a snack, just show them your wristband and they'll add it to your tab. You pay for everything once you're done! Here's the place and my kids having a blast.

My kids were so excited to see a ball pit!

Here they are waiting in line to go on the train that goes around the ball pit. I had to document them holding hands because they fight more than get along!

The train only ran once while we were there, at about noon and it was a hit!

And almost everywhere we go they have dippin' dots. They are much cheaper here than in the states so since the boys ate their (korean!) lunch they got a treat.

It was so much fun, but I was certainly worn out by the time we got home. We left at 9 and got home at 3. They boys did a great job walking to the subway station, through the stations, and then back home again since mommy felt brave and didn't bring a stroller for Alex! :)


Kristina said...

No stroller?? That is brave! We just went to barnes and noble without our stroller and I wanted to kill myself after 5 minutes.

That place looks so fun!!! Glad to hear you guys got out of the house. We are stuck inside due to HEAT!

Shennie said...

Oh I wish I could have come. It looks like so much fun! (And pretty inexpensive too.)

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