Olympic Park Museum

So the Olympics were held here in 1988 and then the winter Olympics will be held here again in 2018. There is a huge area you can visit near the stadium that has a museum, playground, flags, torch and other outdoor things to see and do. We went to the museum and walked around the grounds a bit afterwards. To be honest, the boys were extra grumpy that day so I didn't have that great of a time. I ended up taking quite a few pictures of grumpy kids instead of the museum! Stinkers...

Getting grumpy...

He wouldn't walk with me, so this is Alex all in his lonesome

Oooh, a pretty metal drum! Cool!

My poor attempt at a panoramic picture

Grumpy Cade

and again...

Now outside. Here's all the flags followed by another attempted panoramic shot.

Entrance gates to Olympic Park.

Maybe we'll go back when the kids aren't so grumpy, maybe we won't! Lol...


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