So here's yet another kid's play place. I think my winter won't be as dreadful as last one now that I know where more things are. I still miss the bouncy houses of the American kind because they have bigger inflatables and the kids tend to expend a little more energy, but this is a great substitute.

This is Tumbland, which is the closest indoor play place (other than the Burger King on post) that I've found. It is on the 7th floor of the I Park mall. It's more expensive than the last place I went to, but sometimes distance is worth paying a little more (I can drive to this one quickly, it's just behind post). On this particular day that was the case. We have the Seoul Searchers group that I've posted about quite a few times. That day we were going to a kid's cafe at Olympic Park. On post there was a 'physical fair' at the hospital. I went at 8am to get both of their kids their physicals for the school year and figured I'd be done in time to make it. 3 hours later we were still not quite done at the hospital. I had told the kids we were going 'somewhere fun', and since they were really good and patient at the hospital we grabbed some lunch at BK and headed to Tumbland. It's 15,000 won per child and I think 5,000 won for me and I get a free coffee or beer. I passed. They get to play for 2 hours and then each additional hour is like 500 or 1000 won.

You can sit on this tree and manually swing it around. The kids LOVED this thing. Cade particularly enjoyed being the person to help the kids swing.

This was the 2nd most popular place for my kids. The poor Korean girls who were working there kept rolling the tube for the kids. I eventually went and helped her out b/c her arms were getting pretty tired. However, Cade told me later that 'the girl liked me. she told me i was cute and took my picture' LOL

Jungle gym with a small ball pit in the bottom

If you go up the stairs it's all inflatable things along with the ones on ground level

After we were done the boys asked if we could watch the trains for a few minutes. This was the view from the garage where we parked our car. IPark Mall is connected to Yongsan station, a major hub for not just the metro trains but KoRail and KTX trains that go longer distances.

There are a lot of train pictures, but they're mostly on here for my boys to remember later.

As I was taking all these pictures a truck pulled up on the floor below with a surprise in its bed.

Oh random Korea!


Shennie said...

We love watching the trains too!
Tumbleland looks better than the one we went to :)

Mary said...

i just googled this place, ethan has a bday party there on fri,and found your blog. Looks very fun.

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