First Day of Kindergarten!

Finally the day has come.

Our little guy has been waiting for September 6th for a long time! He was so excited for school that he woke up early and got ready in record time. That will change, right?

Here we are waiting for the buses to come.

Here's his bus

Time to get on!

Waiting to leave and still happy! (there were a few kids crying and it was sooo sad!)

Buses galore at Hannam Village

And here's Alex on the big day too. When we waved goodbye and went upstairs Alex said, "No more Cade," very matter of fact-like.

And for the record I did not cry, but Dan may have :)


Valerie@Occasionally Crafty said...

Love it! It will feel weird at first, but it will be great for all of you. Good luck in school, Cade!

Shennie said...

Hooray! I love the first picture and the card that you made for him to hold. I'm glad to hear that he got up ready to go... I wish that happened at this house :)

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