Boramae Park

For this episode of Seoul Searchers we went to Boramae Park. It has this great area with ROK airplanes and helicopters on display.

The park also has some fountains for the kids to play in

After playing in the fountains for a bit one of the ladies knew of a stream that the kids could play in and avoid some of the crowd. I saw these beautiful flowers on our way over to the stream.

Oh, and pardon the whiteness of my kids. They've been wearing swim shirts all summer, but I didn't bring them that day.

This Korean gentleman was playing with Alex. They sure do love kids.

A few of my friends from the group, Mary and Shennie. Mary's kids are the same age as mine, plus another little one, all boys. Shennie's kids are one year older than mine plus another little one, all boys again. There are so many boys in our primary!

If you're curious about going you can ask me for directions, it was pretty close!


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