Nami Island

This had all the potential for an awesome Korean day trip. The Army Band was playing and it was a great day to go and support the husband. I had no idea how to get there via car so I got our subway route all mapped out. 20 minutes before leaving a lady who was driving out to Nami Island gave me driving directions. They seemed simple and doable. And most times I've driven it has been less work and worth the potential of getting lost. But I forgot that everybody seems to flee Seoul on the weekends, even on small country roads. It was supposed to be an hour drive. 3 and a half hours later we were finally pulling up to Nami Island. We got there just in time to see Dan's band perform! *phew* Here we are ferrying to the island. Check out the zipline you can take to the island too!

Here are pictures from the concert.

The Korean gentleman next to us was playing with Alex. :)

After he performed we walked around the Island. You can find out more about Nami Island here. The best way to describe this place? Random. There are sculptures, glass blowing shops, pottery, ostriches, food, playgrounds, a little rollercoaster, hotel, shops and other random things.


Nami has its own currency. For 5000 won you can get a Nami Coin. What a cool souvenir!

Are all of your ducks in a row?

But it seemed like just as we were getting into the mode of touring the island that the sky turned dark, the wind picked up and a storm was in the brew. There was no forecast of rain, in fact it wasn't even cloudy until all of a sudden. We were not prepared for rain, and it didn't pass quickly. We decided that if traffic was going to be similar on the way back we should head for the ferry, in the pouring rain. Here's a picture of how Alex felt, which summed up all of our moods.

The drive home was nearly 3 hours. So like I said, the day had potential, but between the traffic and the sudden rain it turned into just an okay day. I don't like to put in that much time and effort into an 'okay' day! The lesson learned? If we want to go to Nami Island again, take the subway on the weekend, and drive during the week. :) I do want to go back!


Jun Jek Low said...

Great blog, thanks for sharing.

May I ask if easy to drive from seoul to Nami Island?

Laura said...

When we drove the traffic was heavy and it took us 3 hours each way, though it should have only been about 1 hour. I would recommend taking the train to Gapyeong station and then either walking the rest of the way (about 15 minutes) or catching a cab right outside the station. If you want specific driving directions let me know :)

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