Samsung Children's Museum

I've been wanting to go to this museum and finally had the chance to last week. I posted on facebook to see if anyone wanted to come with us and we ended up with 10 kids and 3 adults! It was definitely a true Seoul adventure, trying to find our way there, the way into the parking lot, and keeping the kids from killing themselves. I'm constantly amazed at the Korean preschool groups we see at all these museums. There's usually 1 adult per 20-30 kids. They say one phrase and all the kids get in a line right away and move to the next area without tears or complaint. Compare that to us with our 10 kids who reminded me of the lemmings game. They would follow eachother OUT of the building (while we were trying to pay), never mind the busy street right outside. They "didn't have an elevator", so taking the kids up the stairs proved to be a difficult thing to do as well. (They finally let us use an elevator that 'we sometimes let people use' and it let out right by the kid's stuff, so i'm not sure why it wasn't available for everyone. C'mon we had strollers and new babies with us!)

Once we got paid and up to the top floor to work our way back down, the kids had a blast. There were lots of hands-on activities and an area just for 4 and under.

There was a water area. I loved the little smocks they got to wear.

Here's the ball area. Not as cool as the one at Everland, but still lots of fun.

On the next level there was a construction area which the kids had a lot of fun in, but my pictures didn't turn out very well. There was a working crane, pulleys, and the walls could be filled in with various foam bricks.

Then there was a music area. The room pictured below is something that I thought would be fun if I ever have a big house and can dedicate one room to be a play room. It looks like a kitchen but it's all stuff they can bang on!

The pots and pans and mallets were attached to the wall

Here Cade was experimenting with soundwaves and the volume of his voice

That's my Cade!

We had a good time and the kids were all worn out by the time we got home. I always consider it a successful trip in Seoul if we got where we intended to go, had fun, and made it back home.

By the way, for those here in Seoul, if you park at the Home Plus parking lot and you show them your museum receipt, your parking will be free!


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