A Happy Day

What a great day for our family; Father's Day and Alex's 3rd Birthday!

I'm so proud of my husband. He works so hard, yet still yearns to be home with his family. His sons adore him and can't wait for him to be home, even if they only see him for a few minutes or tell him goodnight on the phone. I love how much we work together to keep things running. I try to keep the house in order, but he's there to pick up the other pieces when I'm low on energy, or patience. He always keeps things light and funny and spontaneous and I love him for that. He's taken us on a great adventure here in Seoul and I look forward to what will be in store for us in the future. Happy Father's Day Dan!

And Alex gets to celebrate with Daddy today too! I can't believe Alex is 3. I mean, didn't Cade just turn 3? *sigh* I guess they're growing up to big awesome big boys.

Alex really is just a bundle of fun. He has lots of character and spunk. He's stubborn and a bit bossy, but always turns around and melts your heart. He's super cuddly and fun to play with. This year we hope to potty train and make that pacifier disappear, wish us luck! Happy Birthday Alex! Here's a look back at past birthdays, and look for more pictures to come later :)

Here's Alex as a newborn!
1st Birthday

2nd Birthday

And a recent picture

I love my boys!


Manda said...

Laura, I guess I had not looked at this blog until now. I LOVE the way it looks! We had our daughter's bday on Father's Day last year, and my hubby's on Father's Day this year. :o)

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