Gwacheon Science Museum

Right next to Seoul Grand Park is the Gwacheon Science Museum. There is a group of us from church that do bi-weekly Seoul outing so we decided to check it out. It was only 2,000 won for me ($2) and the kids were free and so was parking. It was a bargain and the kids really enjoyed it, but there really wasn't much for the kids to DO, just see. I like museums that are more interactive, and since they can't read the signs we can't help them know what they're looking at.

Who needs an aquarium? Every museum we go to has fish!

I love the look on these Korean girls' faces

Inside a space shuttle!

Friends from church. Our boys are the same ages and she has another little one too.

These are the random things you see in korea. Not only does it look like he's picking his nose, but the slide empties out into his belly?

At the end we found the kid's area of the museum. Much more for them to do here. Below is a little room with a slanted floor!

Cade is fascinated with human body stuff so he loved this model about digestion.

And who can go wrong with a giant train outside! Sadly you couldn't go inside, just walk up stairs and look in the window.

I love the mountains surround the museum and seoul grand park.


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