Seoul Grand Park

We love Seoul Grand Park. It is a HUGE area that has a giant zoo, amusement park and botanical gardens.

Dan and I thought we had seen all of the zoo the two previous times we'd been there, but we took a different path this time and saw a whole lot more! We were also there until it closed and spent a lot of time on our feet. It was so worth it! The animals were very awake and interactive. Jon saw several species of bears and birds that he had never seen before, which is saying a lot since he was a Zoology major!

These guys were roaming free so the kids got up nice and close! They moved away too quickly to touch them though.

Love this picture!

Think they'll take Cade as a wild animal?

Skylift back to the front gate


Denice said...

This is one of my favorite places in Seoul. They have a cool science museum, too.

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