Seoul Tower

Ahh, the good ol' Seoul Tower. You can see my other post here from when we first went. This time we found a better way there! We took a taxi, and he took us up almost the whole way. No finding a parking spot and walking to the cable car and paying for both. Then when you're done you get on the electric bus (you'll know it when you see it), and it'll take you down to itaewon where we had lunch (thai food!) and took a taxi home. This was all much less expensive than the first time we went and much easier. :)

Here we are on the way up

Have I ever mentioned how much we get mobbed? This trip with Dee and Jon was probably the worst we've had it with just about everywhere we took them. They even took pictures of Dee and I! They'd scream when they saw the boys, and then ask to take a picture, and then scream again like they'd just seen Justin Beiber. Madness I tell you.

But have I told you how much Cade loves the attention? He told me once, "Mom, when I see girls I know i'm going to have fun." Uh oh! I wonder if when he's older he'll have a thing for Asian girls.

Here's a view of Hannam village from the top of the Seoul Tower! The 4 high rises in the middle are part of HV along with the low-rises to the left. I tried to include a picture labeling a few things but it didn't work. Grrrr. Our high rise is the back right and we're on the 4th floor.

Chilling at the observatory deck

They have this fun set of TV screens on the floor that interact when you step on them. It makes it seem like you're falling to the bottom of the Seoul Tower. The boys loved it!

The bathrooms were pretty fancy (which is major for Korea). If i had known Dan had taken a picture of the men's I would have included one from the women's!

And even in the elevator there's something to entertain you; a TV screen up on the ceiling to make you feel like your flying into outerspace and then back to earth on the way down. I think the boys liked it.

And here's Cade's very own Seoul Tower.

At least those books are getting some use ;)


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