So I blame the lack of blog posts on this very cold winter we're having here. Last weekend the high was between 9-12 degrees and we get on again off again snow. In fact today it started snowing while were in church, snowed all the way home and into the night. We'll see if it keeps up! The boys have also been sick with some pink eye, coughs, strep and ear infections. So now that we're all feeling better and everyone is stir crazy, we're still not going anywhere adventurous!

That's why I've decided to take some of this non-eventful time and re-acquaint you all with the family. This week we'll start with Alex. I've got some fun videos that I'll share throughout the week as well as some fun stories and quotes.

Alex is 2 1/2 and the toddler stuff is in full swing. There are some things he does that baffle me, until I remember that Cade did those sorts of things at this age too. Ya know, flipping out over something little like how I opened his gogurt, or insisting on filling his own water cup. Still he isn't as demanding as Cade was. Stubborn, yes. Demanding, not so much. Cade had to help me with every step of the breakfast making process and if I forgot to have him push the microwave button or help pour his milk, it was a big long tantrum. Alex isn't so picky.

It's funny how different they really are. I remember Cade let go of a balloon at this age and man, it was the end of the world. He screamed and cried and we could barely get him into his carseat. Alex let go of his balloon a few months ago and he just watched it go and said, "Oh no! Balloon up in the air!" But Cade hasn't harbored any memories of the balloon while Alex tells me every day, "Balloon up in the air. Don't let go" Tee hee..

So here's just a quick video to show you my joyous Alex. More to come throughout the week!


Katz said...

Awww. Man, I miss that kid.

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