I'm not sure it's possible for my boys to be more obsessed with trains. It started with a simple viewing of a Thomas the Train episode at a friend's house and has bloomed, no, exploded into virtual train station at my house! Though Cade was the initial train connoisseur, Alex was sure to follow in his brother's footsteps. In fact, I think in some ways he like trains even more. We got them a train that went around the Christmas tree this year, and long after the presents were open and cade was playing with new toys, I found Alex doing this:

He asks me every day if we can put up the chugga train, but for now it's just a Christmas decoration.

So here's a few tidbits of info on Alex and trains:

  • His favorite Thomas episode is Hero of the Rails
  • His favorite train right now is his Lego Thomas
  • His favorite train song is the Polar Express song by Josh Groban
  • Anything can be a train or train track, including zippers, hymn books and shower curtain rods!
  • He seems to get joy out of destroying the tracks Cade builds
  • A few other favorite train shows include Dinosaur Train, Mickey's Choo-Choo express and of coure Polar Express
  • His favorite real train is the 6 train by our house
Just wait until we have Cade week and talk about his obsession with trains!



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