I did it!

I ate sushi!

The other day Dan brought home some Kimbap,

which resembles sushi a bit, but has no fish, just vegetables, egg and rice. I quite enjoyed it, and Dan insisted that if I liked Kimbap that I would like sushi. But if you know me at all, you know I pretty much detest fish. Texture, taste, smell, everything about it. The only one I've been able to tolerate is salmon. So the thought of raw fish? No way.

But I did like that Kimbap....

So the idea stewed in my head for awhile until one night when I told Dan I didn't feel like cooking and he said, "Should we go to Itaewon and get sushi?" I hesitated and said yes. He was taken aback, of course, and he actually hunted for some sushi around Hannam Village but wasn't able to find a place with an English menu. So we waited until we could get a sitter and tonight we went to Rollin' with some friends from the Band. Check out this platter!

I was definitely nervous to try it. The restaurant neighbors a recently built Taco Bell, so I knew I had a back up. And for those of you sushi pros, you know you have to stick that whole piece in your mouth, there's just no other way around it. These rolls were quite large, and honestly I think that was the hardest thing for me. If I could have cut them in half I may have enjoyed it more. So overall sushi wasn't terrible! (except for one piece) And I may even eat it again. Now that's sayin' something!


Becky and the Boys said...

I like cooked fish, but sushi really doesn't do anything for me. I've only had a bite or two, and it didn't wow me, so it seems like a waste for me to have it. Good for you for being brave!

Timothy Owen said...

I was a sushi virgin for the longest time until the woodwind instructors had an "organizational meeting" at a sushi restaurant. I enjoyed it well enough, but it wasn't an over-the-top experience for me. Maybe next time I'll "get it" and really fall in love with it ☺

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