Sledding in Seoul

We finally live somewhere where the kids are old enough to sled and they have sledding! Minnesota would have been a great place to sled, but Cade was about 6 months old when we lived there. So a friend recommended this sledding area, and despite a chilly 20 degrees, we spent the last afternoon of our holiday break playing in the snow!

Here's cade half bundled up and excited to go!

First time sledding!

So I have to tell you a little more about this place, because these Koreans are very crafty. See, the sledding place was called Ttuskeom Resort, but don't think of a hotel/resort. In the summer it is a splash park/pool area. In the winter they convert it into a 'winter wonderland'. They make their own snow, but since it had recently snowed you couldn't really tell. They also add a custom sled hill, which is manned and monitored. In fact, the bunny hills were monitored. I got a pretty nice glare from one when Alex's sled hit someone else's. Sorry! It's crowded!

The boys had a blast, and alex really enjoyed collecting snowballs to put in his sled.

Notice the snow covered stairs? (and the full grown woman riding down them?) This is a wading pool that is currently being used as a sledding area!

I had to include this picture because it has the sledding hill in the background, between me and Alex. I think we would have gone on it more than the few times we did if you didn't have to return your inner tube after riding and wait in line all over again not only for another tube, but for your turn to go down the hill.

We look forward to sledding again this winter, but maybe on a little bit warmer of a day :) Maybe we'll also go here again in the summer so you can see what it's like 'normally'!


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