The day alex ate the stick

When we were trying to wean Alex off of his pacifier we had been putting him to sleep on our bed while Cade went to sleep in the top bunk. Once Alex would 'finally' pass out we'd move him over to the bottom bunk. This night was no different. We put the kids in their respective spaces and watched a show of our own in peace. There was no evidence of what was apparently taking place in our room until we were getting ready for bed. It turned out that Alex had been sifting through our entire room and found, 'the stick'

It had been dug through, spread all over our bed, and upon closer inspection, eaten. His breath just smelled way too clean, if you know what I mean.

Being in a foreign country, there was really no way (at the time) to call poison control. We called the E.R. at the Army hospital and since they were having troubles reaching poison control too they advised us to come in just to be safe. I made the trip and they monitored him for a little bit, but finally received info from poison control that even if he had eaten the whole thing the most he'd experience is vomiting and diarrhea. They advised us to hydrate him and sent us home.

Upon leaving the E.R. Alex had the biggest tantrum of his lifetime. I'm not sure what set him off but he literally screamed all the way home, and it was a chore to get him unbuckled and up to our 4th floor apartment. About 30 minutes later, Alex experienced a side effect the doctors hadn't mentioned. Insanity. The video's a little long, but well worth the watch, I promise.

I had never seen Alex act like that, or since, thank goodness. He truly was not himself that night. Now whenever he's sees the stain remover he says in a stern voice, "Don't eat the stick!"

True true


The Knitting Bea said...

Wow. What a scare! I'm glad he's alright (and now I know what to do if Sammy gets into our stain sticks too, hehe). That video is precious - what was he saying near the end? Honestly, part of the awesomeness of that video is your reaction to what he's saying. Hahaha!

Becky and the Boys said...

Hilarious! They sure keep life interesting! From our experience with poison control, pine sol is merely a "detergent" and not lethal, as well as several other household substances. Unknown mushrooms from outside and vitamin A are causes for concern - as we learned!

Just Beachy said...

That is the funniest thing I have seen in a while - "Clean it up, MOM!"

And I am particularly enjoying the Homestar Runner hoodie.

Thasnks for sharing!!

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