Rhymes with Raquarium

If there's an aquarium, we will find it! Even if we hadn't already planned on going, Cade would have seen the giant ad for it in our Busan Tourist Map.

So here's the Busan Aquarium, which was stop number 1 of 3 for Saturday :)

I liked the fish riding on the shark's back

I'm not sure why, but jellyfish intrigue me

These are the only 'before' shots of Alex. An after would be one of him strapped in that blessing of a stroller. He was like a wild man in that aquarium!

My map lover

Upside down jelly fish

The coolest octopus ever

Hammerhead Shark

My bubbles!

Lion fish- apparently one of the 5 deadliest fish according to their display

Cade head


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