Right up our alley!

While we were paying for our tickets for the observatory of the Busan Tower there was pricing for a combination ticket. Apparently there was a Musical Instrument museum attached to the Busan Tower!

Here's the Museum from the outside

The bottom level housed lots of old instruments and on the top level you could play some of them!

Horn Violin

Hurdy Gurdy- Europe

Dungchen- Nepal

Piccolo trombone?

Saung Gauk-Myanmar


The middle one is a Gayaguem from Korea

I thought the one below would make a great headboard!

A Sarad and a Sitar from India

Bo Gong- Vietnam

Now it was time to play!

What a fun museum! As we were walking back to the subway station Dan noticed these statues in the middle of the road. Notice anything missing on these boys? Gotta love how random Korea is...

Once we were back near our hotel we grabbed dinner, which was McDonald's for the boys and Bibimbap and Yaki Mondoo for us! Yum!

Shortly after dinner the boys crashed, and when I say boys I mean all of them! What a day!


OUR HOUSE said...

What a fun museum! I can't wait until we get down to Busan, and I can't wait to see the rest of your posts about it:)

Katz said...

That is SO cool!

And those boy statues would fit right in around here. haha

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