A boy named Cade

Sorry for the delay in 'Cade week'. I'm sure you were all waiting in suspense! I got a new calling/responsibility at church and it kinda consumed my life there for a little bit. So for the moment I've done all I can, so I have a few moments to blog about Cade.

How does one possibly describe Cade? As a baby he was mesmerizing. Cute. Tiny. Giggly. Slept well. (kind of the opposite of Alex!) He was a great first baby, which is good b/c how many of us really know what to do with these things when they're born? Cade was really an angel until about 2 1/2 years old when something else emerged. Some call it the terrible twos, but then there were the traumatic threes followed by a mix of ferocious and fabulous fours. One can only wonder what 5 will bring!

Cade is extremely bright and has always displayed an affection for letters, their sounds, writing them and now reading them. But he lacks in the common sense sort of smart, finally learning to dress himself in the past few months and has no desire for food. It takes him FOREVER to eat, even if the TV isn't distracting him, and has even been caught forgetting to chew what he's put in his mouth. I can only hope it will change in kindergarten when he has a 25 min. lunch period, right?

Cade's favorite past times are playing on the computer and playing with trains. You should see this kid on the computer. He can navigate with the mouse and through the internet better than some adults I've met. While he has favorite sites like PBS kids and Disney, his favorite thing to do is, get this, google search for videos. He will open the web browser and type in things like, "red death from how to train your dragon" and click on video links. No joke. But trust me, I monitor what he watches and as he gets older we'll have to keep an eye on him for sure.

As far as trains go, his new obsession is building these elaborate tracks. Since he was getting frustrated with a lack of options for 'changing the lines', he received some expansion packs for Christmas. Cade will disappear for a good 20 minutes, then shut the door and say, "Mom! Come look at my new track!" So now it's your turn. Just look at this track!

Hopefully I'll get in a few more Cade posts in the next week!


Becky and the Boys said...

He's sharp! Hunter doesn't even know who to google or surf the web, and frankly that's ok with me!

Katz said...

Cade and Bronson are so much alike. Miss that kid.

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