Busan Tower

After an exhausting travel day and difficulty finding and getting settled into the hotel, it was very tempting to abandon our original plans for the day. BUT we didn't travel all the way to Busan to appease Alex, since apparently his wish was to stay in the hotel all weekend. So first stop? Busan Tower!

You all know that Seoul Tower was a huge hit with the kids, so Busan Tower was a natural choice. We walked to the nearest subway station and took advantage of the Busan metro system. It was quite crowded so we were left standing, which Alex thought was the end of the world and proceeded to scream, squirm, hit and then (a first time ever) punch me. Despite lack of space we opened up the stroller and strapped him in. That's pretty much how he spent the whole trip.

It was a short walk from the subway station to the entrance of Yongdusan Park, where Busan Tower is. Thankfully they had escalators the led all the way up (like 6 flights!).

Here's a first look at Busan Tower.

And here's where we were reminded of how quickly our kids become celebrities. There are even fewer Americans in Busan so the kids were a hit everywhere, and i mean everywhere, we went!

Giant bell that I really wanted to ring

Men all over Busan were playing this game, and it must be fun because it has this whole group captivated!

Getting closer!

On the way up to the ticket booth there is an art museum and model ship museum. For 1,000 won each we decided to check out the ships! They were pretty neat.

I don't know if you remember, but atop the Seoul Tower there is an area that is popular for proposals and couples buy padlocks and keys, write their love messages and add them to the wall. It was funny to see that the Busan Tower had something similar, though not nearly as many.

And here are the views from up high. We're not sure why, but both Dan and I started feeling pretty woozy pretty quick so we didn't stay up there very long.

Jagalchi fish market

And on the way out we found this on one of the roofs!

So that's the first thing we did on Day 1. Check back later for our next stop!


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