Cade's story

So tell me if your kid has ever said this to you.

"Mom? Is this all about Cade?"
"What do you mean?"
"I mean this story. Korea, preschool, church. Why is it all about Cade?"
"Are you talking about your life?"

Is a 4 year old allowed to think so broadly? Wondering why he is here on the Earth? Why his life is the way it is? In fact, when we got here he was referring to his life as a story and he wanted the Korea part to be over. Last night out of nowhere he asked if when we get back to Virginia we could go see Thomas again, and the Polar Express. I keep telling him we won't be going back to Virginia, but we will go back to America.

So Cade is obviously in the question phase. He asks me a gazillion a day, mostly the same ones over and over. "Cade, if you're going to ask me questions, please listen to the answer!"

Another thing Cade really enjoys doing is building. A friend gave these blocks to us and Cade quickly discovered he could use them as large dominoes. He's had lots of fun building different layouts and watching them fall. Alex even loves to bring Cade blocks one at a time to help out.


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