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By far, our favorite place we visited in Busan was stop #3 for the day. I heard about this place while visiting TripAdvisor.com and it seemed like an awesome temple to visit. So for my friends here in Korea, if you visit Busan, you must go visit the Haedong Yonggunsa Temple. (We took a cab from the aquarium, and when we were done at the temple we took a cab to the nearest subway station)

I think we loved this temple so much because it was set at such a beautiful location. You'll see in the video that it's right on the water, built into the cliffs, and there was a lot to see. You could take different paths to areas of worship and see different views. There was even one path that we could take all the way down to the rocks, but with Alex's recent behavior we decided against it. Also, while walking down towards the temple there were a lot of vendors selling some fun souvenirs. A lady even gave each of our boys a little beaded bracelet! So here come a lot of pictures. I don't know the meaning behind all of the statues, but I wanted to post them anyway :)

These were right at the entrance

I just wanted to zoom in because he doesn't usually cuddle with me like this! So sweet!

The walkway was lined with different statues, and these were just perfect for kids.

The other side was lined with statues of animals. Here's mine, the year of the rooster.

And Dan, the year of the monkey. (it all makes so much more sense now, doesn't it?)

Buddhas, buddahs, everywhere, and with their bellies sufficiently rubbed.

Remember this guy from the Dragon Hill Lodge playground?

Incense placed before the statue. This one smelled really good, and i'm not much of an incense fan.

Time to head down towards the temple!

Dan lifting the stroller everywhere! We eventually had to take him out because there were LOTS of stairs.

At one point along the path we noticed that there were shells and all sorts of different things that had been placed in the walls

View of the temple and the cliffs

Self family portrait

This was a wishing well of sorts, people all along the bridge were throwing coins in

Not sure what all the little statues are for, but it just looked really cool

Dan took Cade down to this worship area where you could drink some water for good luck, or something like that.

Giant golden Buddha!!

On another path up above the golden Buddha, Dan found these little guys in the wall

Lots of places for praying

If you look close you'll notice that even monks have Satellite TV

Dan took the boys in to pray/worship, and I guess while they were in there kneeling down Alex said a prayer out loud! No pictures though

Dan talking to the kids about how different people pray in different ways.

This temple was awesome, and was the type of experience we've been hoping to have while visiting a foreign country. What a great find!

Oh, a funny side story. In the cab on the way back from the temple the driver gave each of the kids 1,000 won and then refused to let us pay it back so our taxi ride ended up being pretty cheap!


The Knitting Bea said...

Favorite picture - tie between the shot of the temple & cliffs and the shot of Dan explaining different prayer styles. :D

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