Dan had a hook-up with a friend in the band that got us free tickets to go see DrumCat! This is an all female percussion group from right here in Seoul. We were excited to have a date night out on the town and of course I was excited to see some drumming!

Here we are on the 3rd row of a very small theatre (smaller than the movie theatres on base), and there were amps and speakers everywhere. We knew right away this was going to be LOUD!

We enjoyed the show, though we weren't sure we would've felt justified in paying 50,000 won/ticket otherwise. It's probably b/c I'm a percussionist and 'know better'. They were great entertainers, put on a fun and flirty performance, but their technique was lacking. I'm not saying I could get up there and do all that choreography with all that passion and zeal, but for me the things that were meant to impress the audience weren't getting past me!

Oh, and at the end they had us all stand up and dance with them. A girl on stage pointed to Dan and started dancing. Dan thought this meant she wanted him to come up on stage. I think she just wanted him to do the same dance move right there in his seat. Either way Dan made his way up and danced with all the hot asian chicks up on stage. One girl even let him play her drum... hahaha..

We finished the night with dinner at Chicken Mania. My Korean friends, if you haven't eaten there yet you should. I mean, maybe you shouldn't because then you'll start craving it. Mmm...


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