Video time!

Okay, it's time for the videos from the trip. First up is from our first time visiting a Noraebang. The koreans definitely have this one right. Karaoke is fun, right? Not in a bar in front of strangers, but in your home joking around. Well a Noraebang mixes the two. Here you get your own room to goof off, be as loud as you want and sing/dance/chill. Some Noraebongs require you to purchase food or drink, but this was 15,000 won for 45 minutes of fun. The kids thought it was great!

This is a video of these awesome Korean drummers we heard as we were making our way out of the subway station. Love it! (especially the director guys dancing!)

This is a little clip from our 'up top' out in the open bus experience! Ack!

Dan did a little video log of his time waiting, watching, and eating Hotteok.

Okay, last one I promise. This was probably Alex's happiest moment of the weekend.. eating ice cream!

We had an awesome time in Busan and I hope you enjoyed coming along for the blog!


Robin Conner said...

I have been so bad about checking here! I feel so bad and guilty! Seriously the coolest blog post I've "experienced" in a long time! Such fun watching the videos and going along with you!!! Miss you guys so much! Hope you're doing well! My mouth is watering for a hotteok! ;) Love ya! ♥

Katz said...

So cool! Alex had me crackin' up.

Um, and Dan with hair is trippin' me out.

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