On Saturday we went to the Seoul Tower (pictures to come later), but we had an experience with a Korean woman that I just had to write down.

Now remember that my children easily become a tourist attraction when we're out, and several people at the Seoul tower had already swooned over them, paid for them to use the little viewfinder things and picked them up. So when this lady held Cade's hand and started walking with him, we didn't immediately get alarmed. She looked back and laughed like she was surprised that Cade would just walk off with a stranger and so she started walking faster. I looked warily over at Dan and started following her. I still thought she was just kinda joking to see how far Cade would walk with her w/o freaking out. Now we were moving at a pretty good pace when she suddenly stopped at a cash register where people were paying for food, grabbed an ice cream off a tray and gave it to Cade. I told her thank you (Kamsahamnida) and we started to walk away. I thought, oh! How nice, she was just wanting to share her food. But almost immediately the workers at the cash register started shouting at us to give the ice cream back. It suddenly dawned on me that this woman had just stolen that ice cream from someone else's tray and given it to my son! Luckily Cade hadn't eaten any of it and we put it back and walked away even faster than we had on the way there. Oddly, she apologized to us, but I really don't know what in the world she was thinking! It was a little weird, a little scary, and another 'welcome to korea' moment.


Jon + Kat said...

I would also be weirded out! Your blog is super cute! That is seriously crazy that you are living in Korea, but what a fun adventure!

The Knitting Bea said...

I can't believe someone would steal food for Cade - weird!!!

Dan said...

why's that so hard to believe. i steal food for him all the time!

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