I'm back!

Sorry for the delay in amazing blog posts, hehe, but we were a little...


I had a lot of these to unpack.

Yes! We finally have all of our belongings (minus the stuff in storage)! The very first thing the movers brought to us was my piano!

The piano is great and we only had one minor scratch on our TV stand. I think we have fared well as far as damage is concerned, thank goodness.

And call me crazy, but a week after the movers brought us a house full of boxes, they came and took the empty ones away. I've always been a fast unpacker, but with the limited space I really had to get them outta here.

Now that I'm not spending my days unpacking I can get back to updating you on the amazingly crazy October we've had. Also, if I continue to update the blog at the pace I'm at right now you won't see the kid's Halloween costumes until Thanksgiving! So keep checking back for some new posts and enjoy a few random pictures until then!

We found a new pizza place just behind Hannam Village that is really good, especially if you get some Chocolate Diget cookes to go with it! (I just love how they tie everything with nice little bows!)

Apparently Alphabits are too distracting to eat. Good spelling Cade!

And lastly, though it may not look it, Alex was willingly sitting in Cade's lap while they watched a movie. No fighting, no bruises or screams from either party! Either this is a glimpse of the future or a fluke, but we got it on camera :)


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