Korean Eats

Naturally being in a foreign country means foreign food. Dan has experienced more Korean food than I have since he's been on tour with the band, but we've definitely had a chance to try new things.

We've had

  • Bibimbap- Served in a hot stone bowl, fresh veggies, meat, egg. Mix and enjoy!
  • Mondu- potstickers
  • Sangyupsal- Pork cooked and served right at your table with a variety of kimchi
  • Dumplings- We found these on the street and they were the best thing I've had here by far. Not sure what they're actually called, but it was a dough/bread thing filled with meat and veggies. Mmmm...
There are a variety of things we've tried from vendors that we have no idea what they're called and haven't taken pictures. Some were good, some were umm... Korean.

There are also some really yummy treats here, and we certainly haven't tried them all.
  • Rotiboys- Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Buttermilk and more-- pastries
  • Banana Milk

  • Diget Cookies
  • 'Chocolate Cereal'
  • And check out these hotdogs covered in french fries with ketchup on top...on a stick!

And lastly a video of a dinner I had in Gyeryong last weekend. It's a chicken teryaki with fish flakes on top. Wild, isn't it?

Makes you want to come visit us, right?


The Knitting Bea said...

Wow. Just wow. And I want a hot dog covered in french fries, on a stick!

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