Uiwang Railroad Museum

This may have been my last Seoul Searchers adventure. We had been talking about going to this train museum for awhile, but since it is a little further away we weren't sure we'd make it back in time to pick up kids from school, plus a lot of our older kids would love this place. So the day after school let out we made the trip to Uiwang Railroad Museum

There is a lot for the kids to see and do here, and like a lot of museums in Seoul it was only 500 won for each person, which is like 50 cents!

The grounds were littered with trains, many of which the kids could go inside and explore.

I had to snap this picture of the kids playing on these toys instead of looking at the myriads of trains around them!

Cade seemed to enjoy it the most of my two kiddos. Alex spent the entire time whining that he was hungry even though they'd had snacks in the car on the way there and we packed lunches to eat a little later. I think Alex is truly a homebody, he acts like he wants to go places but a lot of times when we get there he is asking when we're going to go back home.

This is Cade with his friend Kyler who moves in a few days. There has been a mass exodus of families we know (with us to follow shortly) and Cade says he has no friends left. At least we're leaving too and he can make all new friends. I guess I have to do that too, dang it!
Kyler, Alex and Tristan
 This machine helps build train tracks!
And all the kids enjoyed climbing onto and inside this!

 How often can you stand between a coal car and a freight car?
The museum also had an indoor part with lots of trains on display. Check out this model!

Different conductor's hats. Not sure what the tiny ones are for. If only I read Korean...
For an extra 300 won we could go see the train panorama. There was no more description than that so we figured, what the heck, let's do it! Here's the kids waiting for their turn to see it. Alex was mad that I hadn't fed him yet.
Inside, behind glass windows, was a giant train track display to mimic (loosely) the city of Seoul. The presentation was narrated in Korean of course, but from what I could gather it was about how trains have evolved over the years. 
Did you know that the Seoul Tower and the 63 building were this close to eachother? Me either! (sarcasm)
In the middle of the presentation the the lights went off and all the trains started glowing along with the city lights. All the kids loved it! I know these are blurry, but you get the idea.

After the panorama we checked out the upstairs of the museum which had a section where you could interact with a lot of things. Here  you could turn on different train track signals.
This one brought the arm down to block traffic from crossing and made a loud clanging sound to signal that trains were coming. Cool!

A video about trains around the world.
 And lastly a section of train tracks to run on, safely! You can see the hand cart at the end there and I was kind of hoping the kids could actually make it go, but it was just a display.

It was fun, worth the 1 hour drive, and a great place to explore!


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