Birthday Boy!

I'm sure each birthday feels this way, but I just can't believe Alex is 4. That's how old Cade was when we moved here! Crazy..

We celebrated most of Alex's birthday on Saturday with a party that he got to invite 4 friends to (since he was turning 4!)  Well it kind of backfired when only one showed up and the other 3 were running extremely late. It was just a crazy mix of unforseen circumstances on each of the kids' parts and we are just thankful that Alex didn't notice. By the end he got to celebrate with everyone and I know Alex had fun.

At first Alex wanted a Mickey party, and then he developed a love for Yoshi, and wanted a yoshi party. With limited means and time I decided to make it more of a summer party with some yoshi elements like green decorations and a yoshi egg cake.

Pizza, cheetos, capri suns and cake! Can't go wrong there!

Here's Alex and Eden, the one who came on time. He had so much fun playing with her that he didn't notice no on else had shown up.

Bring on the cake!

Look at cade in this picture, hahaha
After cake we went outside and had some summer fun. Each kid got a summer survival kit that included sunglasses, sidewalk chalk, squirt guns, paper airplanes and bubbles!
And more friends made it! Here's Isaac, Alex's friend from the hours and hours we spend at taekwondo.

Daddy was a big hit with the squirt guns, literally!
And lastly is Alex's crush Addy. Alex is such a lover, in fact he has been coached by his church teachers to keep his hands to himself because he just loves to hug and kiss everyone!
Happy 4th Birthday Alex! 


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Happy Birthday Alex!

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