Amsa-dong Prehistoric Settlement Site

For another of our Seoul Searchers adventures we found this neat little prehistoric settlement site called Amsa-dong. It was discovered when there was a flood in Seoul and when the waters cleared away they found all these old sites resembling caveman like living areas.

We took the train, as the boys never tire of it and I know they'll miss doing that in America.

While waiting for our friends to arrive a lady entertained us with her finger puppets and she even told the stories in English. However, it felt a bit like Finding Nemo when the little turtle Squirt gives directions to Dory and Marlin, she was saying all english words but it made absolutely no sense! By the end we realized she was telling us about the tortoise and the hare :)
Now, Korean attractions tend to have a ton of random thrown into them. I'm pretty sure they didn't discover these wood animal structures along with the settlement sites, but they were still cool to look at!

Moss covered bull anyone?
Now this is more like it!

Inside one of the huts. There was an big long story and explanation, in Korean, so we just walked around and went back out. It was nice and cool in there!


Like most of the folk villages they had some of the old tools on display for everyone to try.

This may look like a see-saw, but it's a device used for grinding. One person stands with one foot on each part of the log and balances to make it move up and down and grind!
Can't go to an attraction without becoming an attraction. (definitely won't miss that, though it still baffles me)
Those are meant for climbing, right?
This next part was a giant indoor area which displayed several 'dig sites' or places where they cooked. It didn't look very authentic, but who knows.

Not sure why, but this picture cracks me up. I think Cade was trying to Hulk Smash her or something.

All in all, a fun adventure, and only cost 50 cents for me to get in, kids were free!


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