Aquarium with a friend

One of the great experiences about living abroad is meeting people of other cultures. Our congregation at church is the biggest melting pot of people and it gives you a great appreciation for having the same beliefs as the brother or sister next to you from Africa, Malaysia, or even from Korea. One of Cade's church teachers is Bora Lim, a sister who is born and raised in Seoul, but did not convert to the LDS church until the past few years. She studied English in school and when she went on a trip to Malaysia she met the missionaries and learned all about our church in English. Apparently when she came back to Korea and joined her local Korean congregation all of the terms of the church were very hard to understand and she didn't feel comfortable there. So she attends our English speaking branch and our kids fell in love with her (and I think she fell in love with our kiddos too!)

Here's Bora and Cade

We mostly saw Bora at church, but we've had a few occasions to get together. Since we were moving soon and Cade was out of school we decided to all hang out at the COEX aquarium. Bora was such a trooper since she wasn't feeling well, but had my kids plastered all over her, pulling her over to see sharks and seahorses.

These are all pictures from Bora's phone :)

After the aquarium the kids stopped in this toy store, and Cade wanted a picture with every angry bird. Apparently by the last bird the workers weren't very happy with us... oops!

We will miss you Bora, and never say never. We will meet again!


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I love the first picture :)

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