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Facebook has been a wealth of information while we've been here in Korea. There are lots of group pages where people post places they've been and how to get there. A few weeks ago a lady posted about a lesser known science museum that, although it is 100% in korean, there was a lot for the kids to interact with, AND it is free, AND it is never crowded. That was enough for me to make that the place for our latest Seoul Searchers event!

It did not disappoint!

The kids loved making their own twister over and over again.

This was probably the kid's favorite thing. Something that lights up AND makes music as you run? Yes!

 Dance party!

We had so much fun, in fact, that we came back the next with Daddy and Cade, and even found a level that we missed and a planetarium! Even though the whole show was in Korean it was fun to take the kids to see the stars. (we don't see very many of those here)

Dancing with the boys :)


Rita said...

Hi! I dont know you but I stumbled across your blog while trying to google some info on Yongson and K-16. We will be pcs'ing to K-16 this summer and I am trying to find some info on it or even make some friends. I have a 18 month old daughter and am due with our son in July. Just trying to make some contacts ahead of time so I wont feel so alone when we get there.

Could you add me on facebook or reply back and maybe we can email or something. Thank you!

You can just search on facebook for Rita Shaffer :)

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