Dino Expo

Lately the Korean War Memorial has been a host to a lot of fun exhibits. First was the Body Worlds, and now a Dinosaur Expo!

First off, i will say that it was a little spendy. 38,000 won for the 4 of us, which is about $35-36. There wasn't a lot of museum type material to really learn much about the dinosaurs, but lots to see and do. With two busy boys it was perfect and they had a blast, which is the most important thing!

After looking at some fossils the boys found a spot to dig for their own! Here they are getting their little booties put on over their shoes.

Dig! Dig! Dig!

Daddy even joined in on the hunt!

Did you know dinosaurs celebrate Christmas?

So I know you can't tell by the pictures, but this section was all animatronic dinosaurs. Here's Cade trying to get hit by his tail!

Next was an are to put together dinosaur puzzles. 
 Dan is shrugging because the instructions (you can see them on the right hand side of the picture) are completely in Korean and they tried their best. Much better than my triceratops ended up though!
 And to top it off they had HUGE indoor inflatables. These are the largest we have ever seen in Korea and reminded us of places like Kangaroo Jack's and Jumpin' Monkey back in the States. Pretty much a dream day out for our boys, dinosaurs and bouncy houses!

Last but not least was a button making station. Cade is a serious artist, can't you tell by the look on his face?
What a fun day out!


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It looks like fun!

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