Korean War Memorial

The final day of Dan's training at 1RC included a trip to the Korean War Memorial. It's the 60th anniversary of the Korean War and of our involvement here in South Korea. It was a neat museum, but we didn't get to see all of it due to tired kids, parents and we only had about 2 hours to tour it before Dan had to report back. I'm sure we'll go back!

On the grounds of the museum are lots of war planes and ships.

Here are Dan and Cade coming down from looking inside a B52 cockpit

This is the statue at the entrance to the museum.

An ancient battle ship. It's really a small ship considering its purpose, not sure I'd want to be in battle while on it!

Instruments found in the aftermath of the war

The museum was full of life-like depictions of different battles. Kinda gory, kinda cool.

A medic's helmet

Raising the South Korean Flag

Dan putting his foot over the 38th parallel... at least in the museum. We'll have to make a trip up to the DMZ in order to do it for real

Read this caption and then check out the statue picture following it

Now that's what I'm talking about!

The lower level was dedicated to war history in general. There were really neat displays of weapons and uniforms used throughout time.

I loved this gun powder flask. If I had to carry one, this would be it

And last, but not least, the righteous swords!!


Just Beachy said...

the gun powder flask looks like a dude with a huge afro. i'd want that one too!

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