Day Out With Thomas

After partying in Virginia Beach we started our road trip. The first stop was to visit one last time with Charles and Sarah. We had dinner at Penn Station (yum!) and found the limited edition Cheerwine Donuts, which I didn't really like. Sarah helped to touch up my hair while the men chatted and the boys played.

We left the next morning to take the boys to A Day Out With Thomas.

I wanted to take them because their world was turning upside down and this is something they both love. However, despite the lovely pictures, this was probably one of our worst days on the road trip. I'm sure it was part tired kids, part heat, part having to share your favorite thing with all of the other kids whose favorite thing it is too, but Cade was throwing tantrum after tantrum. It was a tricky situation b/c we had driven all that way for that specific purpose, already paid for the tickets, but didn't want Cade to think he could act that way and still get everything he wanted. We battled with him all day and got the most out of Thomas that we could. The next morning the first thing he said to me was, "Mom, I had fun at Thomas." All I had to think was, really? You had fun crying and getting yelled at? But I guess as long as he thinks he had fun than we succeeded.

One of the best parts of the day was the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at. We got the family suite for an awesome price and it had two queen beds and a bath in one room and a king bed and a bath in the next room. The view of the Smoky Mountains was amazing and the food was good. Breakfast was homemade and we sat around a table with other guests. They even made our lunch and we hit the road towards our next stop, Nauvoo!

Beautiful stars

Chatting with Daddy about being a good boy


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