The time has come...

...for us to leave. We've been packed up, moved out and homeless for close to 3 weeks now. We've driven nearly 3,000 miles and visited 10 states with various family members and friends along the way. I really wanted to get it all posted on the blog before we left but that's just not going to happen. Keep us in your prayers as we fly for FOREVER over the next few days and visit here later for further updates!!


Ashley and Drue said...

I'm seriously thinking about crying. WE LOVE YOU!!!! PLEASE fly safely- I know you personally have NO control over the safety of your flight time, but I will pray for you all day(s)!

Sherrie said...

Good luck you guys! We hope you guys have safe travels. Can't wait to see all your fun posts.

The Farrell Family said...

YAY! Can't wait to follow the experience!

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