Seoul Racecourse Park

This is another one of our fun adventures with the Seoul Searchers group. Would you believe that there is a huge playground and kid's area in the middle of the horse race course? There are races going on around you and you can barely even notice! Supposedly it was built for the Olympics, but I like to think they designed it this way so that the moms have something to do with their kids while the dads do the only legal form of gambling in Korea, betting on horses!

We went on a Friday and they had a few horses out for the kids to see. There were even a few races going on. Even if you go on a major race day it is only 800 won to go to the playground (that's like 75 cents!) It was free for us that day.

 Posing with some interesting Korean characters
 Enjoying the playground! Most of the playgrounds in Korea are sandy, which you either love or hate. I don't particularly love it b/c the boys get SO dirty and end up either being the one throwing the sand on some poor Korean kid or getting sand thrown back at them.

 Here's Cade doing the monkey bars all by himself for the first time!! He made it all the way across!
 Not sure why there was a giant metal shoe, but it made for a cute picture. The cute blonde girl is my friend Shauna's daughter Zoe.
We had a blast and it was close! It is right next to Seoul Grand Park, and you can even get off at the Seoul Racecourse Park subway stop, then find the giant map which shows where the park is.


Shennie said...

I wish I could have come. Was it just you and Shauna?

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