So sometimes I go out on adventures and forget to bring our camera, or choose not to carry it around because it is rather large. I take all these pictures on my phone and never post them! So here come a few posts based on pics from my lovely iPhone :)

First we have some pictures of the boys at one of our favorite spots in Itaewon. Denice showed us this lovely English book store called What the Book. The boys always have fun and I love this little reading spot!

Next are a few pictures of the LDS temple here in Seoul. It reminds me a lot of the Chicago and Boise temples, but still a little smaller. It is up on hill, but you can't see it unless you're right in front of it.

The next picture is of one of those great Korean signs. It's always helpful to know that I'm eating at a 'good restaurant'!

And last is a fun shot I got of Dan and his LEGO creation. The funny thing is that our kids stopped helping him about two or three rows deep, but two Korean kids diligently helped him sort through the entire pile of blocks and find all the right ones up to the very end. 


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