Tis the Season

One of the things that was keeping me sane through all of the transitions and changes over the past few months was that I knew I'd be able to decorate for Christmas. I think it would be hard, for me, to PCS during the holidays b/c you'd be missing that part of the holiday season, the warmth and spirit in your home. So I knew that by December I would have all of our stuff, life would be settled and we could pull out the decor.

Every year Cade is more and more excited to pull out the tree and get the house decorated. He was a great help in putting all the ornaments on (the bottom of the tree) and hold the lights for mommy. Every morning Alex comes out and exclaims "Big Christmas Tree!" He seems to really enjoy this time of year too. Dan even put 2 ornaments on when Cade asked him if he was going to help ;)

So here are some shots of our decked out apartment. Here is the front door. I've done this for years instead of a wreath.

Here's where most of my decorations lie. I don't have many places to put things so the piano and these two shelves house it all!

Nativity from Cozumel and a few other nativity scenes

Santas, snowmen and the like

This is my first year putting decorations on the table. It's kinda fun!

This is my new addition to the Christmas decor, made by me, thanks to the Silhouette!

This is a garden flag, but minus the garden ;)

Stockings hung by the bookcase with care

A view from the patio door

And of course, the Christmas Tree.

A few nights ago Hannam Village had their tree lighting and a visit from Santa. Here are the boys waiting in line, and active as always!

Finally it was their turn and we were the first kids in awhile to not have any tears!

Alex wondering, "Who is this guy?"

But then applying his camera smile = cheesiest of grins ever

It even snowed that day, making it a picture perfect winter day in Seoul.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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