12 days of Christmas

This year for Christmas my sister put together a 12 days of Christmas from her children to my children. They enjoyed it so much that I think we'll have to make it a tradition. Since we trade years that we give gifts, our boys can put together one for their cousins next year, and keep switching.

Valerie also included a card with a little hint at what the gift would be. On the first day of Christmas, a gift to make your day "M"erry and "M"agical = M&M's!

I took a few pictures of the gifts. Here's the 3rd day of Christmas, a little treat for when you're at the end of your rope. Nerds rope! (they loved this stuff, btw)

The 4th day was something to deck the halls. Little ornaments to paint and add to the tree!

Here's the 6th day, something to make it re'mark'able. CARS markers!

They opened candy bracelets, card games, glow sticks and these fun coloring rolls that I'm sure she made herself.

Thanks Aunt Valerie and Emma and Kyle! We loved our 12 days of Christmas!


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